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What SAM does


SAM Safe Air Monitors were developed for indoor running engines & equipment such as forklifts, power trowels, floor grinders, and generators. SAM measures Carbon Monoxide levels in ambient air and equipment exhaust emissions and notifies the equipment operator if unsafe air quality conditions exist. If the air quality remains poor, SAM automatically shuts down the equipment to prevent unsafe air quality conditions. SAM logs emission and engine data for future analysis.


How SAM works


SAM utilizes a factory calibrated internally mounted carbon monoxide sensor to read and monitor ambient air quality. Additionally, SAM uses an oxygen sensor in the exhaust stream to measures the air to fuel ratio of your engine to determine if the engine is running properly or needs service. If poor air quality or high emissions exist, SAM notifies the operator through a series of alarms and shuts the equipment down if no action is taken.


SAM Features & Benefits


SAM logs the following data:

  • Carbon Monoxide Levels
  • Engine Hours
  • Engine RPMs
  • Engine Temperature
  • Time till next service interval
  • Engine Air to Fuel Ratios (Optional)






SAM Dimensions - 4.27" L x 4.53 W x 2.03 H

SAM Easily Mounts directly to engine cowlings or can mount remotely to the equipment.




  • LCD Screen - High resolution, backlit, 4x20 character
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensor - High accuracy, 10-10000ppm electrochemical sensor
  • Oxygen Sensor monitors engine air to fuel ratio
  • Thermocouple monitors engine temperature
  • Tachometer Sensor monitors engine hours and RPMs


For additional information, visit: https://saferwithsam.com/

ACC11-13 Safety Air Monitor (SAM)

SKU: ACC11-13